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Chairman's speech: 

Since the establishment of the company, adhering to the mission of "based on talents and technology, by providing the best quality products and services, and moving customers", it has made unremitting efforts to become a leader in the robot and automation industry.


Thanks to the concern and sincere support of colleagues from all walks of life, Shihai automation stands out in the fierce competition industry. In the past ten years, Shihai automation has developed into a brand with independent R & D, design and manufacturing, reliable quality, satisfactory service and customer trust. And through the diligence and dedication of all staff, the company has established dealer offices in all parts of the province, and developed into a technology enterprise integrating R & D, production, sales and service.


Intensive cultivation, down-to-earth; mind the world, ambitious. Facing the future, we will continue to improve "integrity, quality, service" to create a strong vitality of innovative technology brand, while making more contributions to the society!


No matter how brilliant the achievements and halo of the past decade are, we always firmly believe that only by putting down all the past honors and burdens, and always facing, listening and guiding the technical direction of customers with the mentality of entrepreneurs, can we make continuous progress and achieve better results! The company is willing to work together with you to create a more brilliant tomorrow!


Development history: 

(1) Established in June 2004, the company mainly manufactures slide products for foreign enterprises. There are few types of products. 

(2) In June 2006, it was officially changed to SHANHAI brand, R & D, assembly and production of single axis mechanical arm (electric sliding table). 

(3) In April 2009, the CNC machining center production equipment was put into operation to ensure the quality of processing accessories. 

(4) In April 2010, we researched and developed the European standard belt module and launched the national sales mode together with the electric sliding table, which won the unanimous praise of customers. 

(5) In March 2012, Pradi 6-meter CNC machining center was purchased to further ensure the production progress and product accuracy of the long stroke slide. 

(6) By 2017, the company's output will be further expanded. Thank you for your concern and sincere support as always. We will continue to innovate in quality and service to create the best value for our customers. We will work hand in hand with you to serve and repay the society!


Concept and future: 

Concept: "on the basis of talents and technology, through the provision of the best quality products and services, let customers move" "integrity, quality, service"


In the future: with the increasingly fierce competition in the market and the need to improve the automation level of traditional industries, Shihai technology will create an innovative technology brand with strong vitality, gradually expand and improve in the field of industrial automation, and make contributions to the "intelligent" manufacturing road of traditional and emerging industries.

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