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Dongguan Shihai Automation Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise engaged in robot intelligent equipment manufacturing. Focusing on the production and sales of electric sliding platform, linear module, single axis manipulator, linear motor, multi axis combined manipulator, acting as Taiwan PMI slide rail, Taiwan TBI screw rod, integrating Panasonic servo, DELTA servo and other series products, to provide customers with a complete set of intelligent automation solutions and complete technical services.


The products are subdivided into: single axis manipulator, screw electric sliding table, belt type electric module, electric cylinder, fully sealed dust-proof screw rod slide, fully sealed dust-free belt slide, embedded module, rack type sliding table, linear motor module, ultra long stroke sliding table, rectangular coordinate manipulator, slide table for intelligent storage, rotating R-axis platform, multi axis free combination, and system integration Intelligent manipulator as one of the automation machine equipment class.


It is suitable for precision positioning, glue dispensing, oil spraying, handling, moving stacking, cutting and welding, visual inspection, automatic assembly and packaging, spray painting, 3D printing, screw locking, cleaning and cleaning devices, etc. it is widely used in various automatic production lines, automation equipment, machinery manufacturing, solar photovoltaic, new energy, automobile manufacturing, etc Electronic optoelectronics, medicine, aviation, express and other industries.


The company invests heavily into advanced precision imported CNC machine tools, grinders and high-end testing equipment, such as: three-dimensional detector, precision profiler, laser interferometer, height detector, etc., and is committed to pushing the quality to a new height and creating excellent made in China.


The company adheres to the enterprise concept of "customer first, quality first", with 15 years of R & D and manufacturing experience, professional engineer team, to create value for customers and society.

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