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Shihai: the concept of time, the spirit of the sea. 

Since theUnited Statesinvented the first industrial robot in 1962, the industrial robot industry has gone through more than half a century of history. Now, with the rising labor costs, the industrial robot industry has finally come to a period of vigorous development


Stepping into the field of electric sliding platform, the development and design at that time was only because of the obsession with technology, but also wanted to let their suppressed personality have an outlet. Along the way, they did not rush for quick success and instant benefit, but only waited for the natural outcome.


Brand purpose 

With the spirit of craftsman and innovation, we constantly pursue perfection, keep pace with the times, and turn products into intelligence to help entrepreneurs realize their best dreams.


Brand culture 

The soul of brand: we will take the revitalization of national equipment manufacturing industry as our own responsibility, have a long-term vision, adhere to the group technology development strategy of independent innovation, and strive to improve the level of national industry


Brand concept: "based on talents and technology, through the provision of the best quality products and services, let customers move", down-to-earth to do every little thing the best, is the gold will always shine.


Brand spirit: adhering to the principle of low cost production and high quality service

Sub brands 

Brand sub brands: Yamazaki electric slide, Saho industrial manipulator

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